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Posted By admin on 12/23/12 - Bookmark Amateur Porn
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One of these ladies isn’t a lady at all. See if you can tell the difference between shemale or female at BabeOrFake.com. Take the ultimate test trying to figure out if the girls you are looking at are really chicks with dicks. Sharpen your skills so you don’t end up the one getting fucked after bringing a "girl" home after a hard night of drinking.

Send the site to friends and see if they can score as high as you. If you end up being the one having a problem spotting the tranny girls maybe it is because deep down inside you want to pipe one up the ass!

I sent this site to five of my friends and one of them came back saying he bangs shemales all of the time. Says their asses are tighter than pussy and they have better tits. WTF?

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Posted By admin on 12/11/12 - Bookmark Amateur Porn


This amateur porn slut’s name is Sasha Blonde. She has been trying to make it big in the porn industry and become a well known porn star celebrity like her idol Jenna Jameson. In a bid to get noticed by more people and grow her fan base Sasha has been uploading her videos to an Emo girl porn tube.

Only time will tell if her amateur blowjob video will get her the notoriety she desires. The Lord knows she deserves it. She has been working hard to get noticed and she has been watching hundreds of blowjob videos looking for new tricks to perform for her fans.

Even if you don’t end up a fan of hers you can still enjoy all of the other Emo porn clips on the site. The videos are sent in by the girls or uploaded by other users. You don’t have to be a member to watch video either. You can watch as many as you want as often as you want.

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That photo is a little retarded, but that is because I had to blow it up from mobile site I got it from. On the phone it looks very hot and crisp. Here it is too big.

The people that create porn apps have to take a lot of things into account so you can enjoy the experience no matter what device you are watching your porn on. Mobile porn will often be of a lower resolution (hence the choppy look above) so that it won’t burn through your data plan. Most of the sites will automatically switch from different video sizes to match your device.

Get Android porn apps you can launch from your phone and enjoy no matter where you happen to be. I have heard of guys watching the videos in the backseat of buses and even on planes. Girls will often take the phone into the restroom at work and frig off after chatting with the hot delivery guys.

One thing I didn’t know you could do is use iOS devices with porn apps. They have it set up to let you install porn on your iPad. The videos resize themselves for those 10" screens too!

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